Amidons/Bode/Murphys/Tracy New Years Eve Concert

Thursday, December 31, 7 pm


Stefan Amidon
   Zara Bode
     Desmond Bode
          Sam Amidon
             Arthur Amidon
                 Mary Alice Amidon
                       Peter Amidon
                            Aidan Murphy
                                 Becky Tracy
                                       Keith Murphy

Online concert of songs and traditional dance tunes for the New Year.

• • • Get a taste of the music from earlier live Last Night concerts •••

We will be doing a sixty-minute concert with the same format as usual:

Amidon/Bode set • Stefan Amidon & Zara Bode set • Sam Amidon set • Becky Tracy & Keith & Aidan Murphy set • tunes • the whole gang • final song

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We welcome donations, but we also welcome you to be here if you are unable to donate! We know that people are finding themselves in a variety of different financial situations during the pandemic. In any case we are grateful to have you join us.

Joy, Health, Love & Peace

Peter Amidon and the Tracy/Murphy/Bode/Amidon Gang