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Dear By the People For the People Singers,

There was a lot of information in the last email.  Here are a couple of reminders and a clarification.


* Rehearsal tomorrow night (Monday Sept 25) 7:00 pm at the Guilford Community Church

* For the (more official) group photo tomorrow night, please wear black on bottom, solid colors on top.  If you can do jewel colors, great.

* Be able to do “Guilford” and “Crompton” fugues with just word sheets.

* All this and more at


* re memorizing.  We are not expecting everyone to memorize all the music.  You may use your binders at the concert.  Of course the more music you memorize the more the concert and your concert experience will benefit.  Pieces that we particularly recommend you memorize include “Ready, Are You Ready”, “Rain, Beautiful Rain”, “I Got a Robe”, “Beatitudes” and all the fugues.  If you start working on memorizing now I think you will be surprised how quickly you will get all the music and lyrics inside you. 

Not this Monday, but next Monday I will be giving out rehearsal CDs with recordings of most of the pieces in the concert to help out with memorization, as well as inviting you to a Drop Box with all the mp3s so you can put them on your computers and phones.

See you tomorrow!


Peter (and Andy & Patty)

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Andy Davis <>

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Dear By the People, For the People singers,

 It has been such a pleasure working with all of you.  Thank you for your presence, your enthusiasm, and your great singing.

 Note the extra rehearsals scheduled on Nov 4 and Nov 10 –

I have put up on the website the recordings of us By People For People singers singing “Crompton”, “Eli”, “Gratitude”, “Guilford”, “I Got a Robe”, “Ninety-Third Psalm”, “Sailing Down My Golden River”, and “Your Lone Journey”. 

 The online tickets are up! (Thanks for Fred Breunig and Jon Potter):

Getting the online tickets site up is why we needed the group photo so soon BUT we will take ANOTHER GROUP PHOTO this Monday.  Patty will be there and this time we have a chance to dress for the occasion.  Bottom line: black on bottom, solid colors (anything but black or white) on top.  We are going for jewel tones (see the singers’ website) but really, any solid color on top is fine for this Monday.

Andy and I get only through a small part of the repertoire at each rehearsal, which is just to underline the importance of attendance and of practicing and memorizing at home.

For this Monday please memorize the music to the fugue (2nd part when each part starts at a different time) of Guilford and the fugue of Crompton.  That means you practice singing the fugue using only the word sheet.  Here is the corrected word sheet which I also sent out by email.

Sopranos please memorize the music to your solos in the verses (so you can do them using only the word sheet). 

Memorizing generally: I recommend that you fold up your word sheet and carry it around with you; memorize when you go for a  walk (that is when I memorize my poetry; walking is a great way to enhance memorizing), while waiting in line, or anytime.  You can work on the songs in your head (not using word sheets) while driving, or when you wake up in the darkness of the night.  It is particularly helpful to memorize the songs that are challenging rhythmically: all the fugues (“Guilford”, “Crompton”, “Gratitude”, “Are You Ready”, the 2nd part of “Beatitudes”, “I Got a Robe”, “Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain”.

Till Monday,

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