Colorado CMEA Wed Night Dance notes

Colorado CMEA Evening Dance Notes

Colorado Springs, CO

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Here are the dances we did:

Blaydon Races in New England Dancing Masters (NEDM) Chimes of Dunkirk

For music you can use Blaydon Races from the 2012 edition of Chimes of Dunkirk or any jig medley.


Rural Felicity in NEDM’s Sashay the Donut

For music use any jig medley.


Larry’s Mixer in NEDM’s Listen to the Mockingbird

For music we like to use The Coming Dawn from the Other Side of the Tracks CD.


Quartz Mountain Man in the Middle

Created by music teachers at our Oklahoma Quartz Mountain workshop in October 2012.

For music use any reel medley.

Formation: Circle mixer (circle of partners)

A1: Circle left, Circle right

A2: Ladies into the center, clap on 4th beat, step back to place. (8)

Gents into the center,

EVERYONE lap three times on beats 5, 6, 7.

On the third clap Gents jump and turn to face the outside of the circle

WHILE the women jump to the right.

B1: All dosido NEW partner (8)

All two hand turn (crossed hands) same new partner (8)

B2: Promenade new partner.


Grumpy March from NEDM’s Sashay the Donut

For music use Wizard’s Walk from the Sashay the Donut CD.


Auretti’s Dutch Skipper historic English country dance from John Playford (1690)

For music use On the Danforth; either the version on Other Side of the Tracks CD, or the version on the Sashay the Donut CD.

A. 1st couple lead down the center, separate and dance around 2s back to

place; 2-hand turn

A. 2nd lead up the center, separate around 1s, back to place; 2-hand turn

B. 1st corners 2-hand turn; 2nd corners 2-hand turn

B. “Foot it” to partner (set twice); half poussette (progression)

Setting: Facing partner: a little jump onto the right foot, then feet together, Repeat onto left foot

Half poussette: two hands with partner.  #1 gents start by pushing, #2 gents pulling, trade places with neighbor couple.


Going to Alberta in NEDM’s Sashay the Donut

For music use the Going to Alberta cut.


First Night Quadrille from NEDM’s Listen to the Mockingbird

For music use any jig or reel.  Sometimes I use the Old Time Medley from Sashay the Donut because it is so long.


Sicilian Vowel Dance in NEDM’s Sashay the Donut

We like using Golden Keyboard from Any Jig or Reel for this dance.


Galopede in NEDM’s Chimes of Dunkirk

For music use Galopede from Chimes of Dunkirk.


Circle Waltz Mixer from NEDM’s Sashay the Donut

For music use In Continental from the Sashay the Donut CD.



Peter and Mary Alice Amidon