NJMEA Great Songs for the classroom & children’s choir

Great Songs for the Classroom & for Children’s Choir
New Jersey MEA Conference • Atlantic City, NJ
Friday, February 21, 2020 • 5:00 – 6:00 pm

I assume you have the printed handout for this with all the music.

My Heart Is Ready
Try teaching just the melody to your students.

I’m Growing Up
Mary Alice’s song on, well, growing up. Often used as a “graduation” song for young children.

Brotherhood & Sisterhood
Peter’s original song on celebrating our differences commissioned by the Lititz, Pennsylvania Elementary School and inspired by writings of Dr. Martin Luther King and of Barak Obama (when he was running for president).

Give Me Birds at the Dawning 
Try just the melody with your elementary school choir.

Vote for Me
 A great children’s song about encouraging parents to vote, written by the first female African American judge in Alabama, Faya Rose Touré, AKA Rose Sanders,

From the Seed in the Ground
– a cumulative song children will learn instantly about plants growing (We will do the simple version; Peter has also composed a piano/SSAA version for children’s choir.  You can use that piano part for a unison performance of the song.),

Eli, Eli
Have your children’s choir sing just melody.  You can use the piano accompaniment from my piano/SATB arrangement.

How Could Anyone
This would be a wonderful performance piece, just melody, for a children’s choir.