All Night, All Day


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a cappella SATB – Otis Leon-McCoy – arr. Dr. Ysaye Barnwell

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      All Night And All Day - Full Arrangement - Ysaye Barnwell

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Peter Amidon first this Otis Leon-McCoy (1897-1995) spiritual from one of Larry Gordon’s Village Harmony ensembles and tracked it down to Dr. Ysaye Barnwell’s Singing in the African American Tradition Volume 2. (The recording is from that collection: Ysaye Barnwell singing all four parts herself.) Peter transcribed Dr. Barnwell’s arrangement with her help and got permission from her to include it in this choral download library store. This is a great song for hospice singing and funerals.


All night, all day, oh, angels keep a-watching over me, my Lord.
All night and all day, oh, the angels keep a’watching over me.