Done Found My Lost Sheep


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pdf/mp3 – a cappella SATB – African American spiritual, arranged by Peter Amidon

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      Done Found My Lost Sheep - mixed

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Sung here by Stefan Amidon. This is one of the many gems we learned from Lucy Picco Simpson, which she collected from James Weldon Johnson’s 1925 Book of American Negro Spirituals.  You can hear Lucy singing it on the Folk Legacy “Sharon Mountain Harmony” album.


Done found my lost sheep (3X)
Done found my lost sheep (3X)

My Lord had a hundred sheep,
One of them did go astray;
That just left him ninety and nine.
Go to the wilderness, seek and find,
If you find it bring it back;
Cross your shoulders, across your back.
Tell the neighbors all around,
that lost sheep is sure been found.

In that Resurrection Day
Sinner can’t find no hidin’ place.
Run to the mountain and the mountain move,
Run to the hill, the hill run too.
Sinner man travelin on trembling ground,
Poor lost sheep aint’t never been found.
Sinner why don’t you stop and pray,
You might hear hear the Shepherd say: