Hallowell: Love Call Me Home


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2010. Performed by the Hallowell singers.

Hallowell, southern Vermont’s hospice singing chorus, is pleased to offer this second collection of songs for hospice and healing. These 21 songs, all a cappella SATB, which have been collected, transcribed and/or arranged by Hallowell music directors Mary Cay Brass and Peter Amidon, have been selected from our growing repertoire of diverse traditions and cultures.

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1. Love Call Me Home


2. Durme

3. Blessed Quietness


4. We’ll Camp a Little While

5. Angel Band


6. Balm in Gilead


7. Sweet is the Day


8. Africa

9. Joy of Living


10. No one Stands Alone

11. Ishe

12. Over the Rainbow

13. The Thing That Makes You Beautiful


14. I Know Moonlight

15. The Lord is My Shepherd

16. Tebe Poem

17. There’s a Light

18. Ruka

19. Crossing the Bar


20. Parting Glass


21. What a Wonderful World

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