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unison/piano – by Charles Wesley – arr. Sam & Peter Amidon

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You get pdfs of the score and an mp3 recording. Kedron was composed by Charles Wesley in 1762.  A harmonization was published in “The United States Sacred Harmony” in 1799.  That harmonization was included in the 1844 “Original Sacred Harp” which was where Sam Amidon learned it.  Sam recorded his arrangement of Kedron on his 2010 album “I See the Sign”. Peter transcribed Sam’s guitar part for piano for this unison/piano arrangement.  Peter’s Guilford (VT) Community Church UCC Choir sings Kedron every year for Lenten services.

by Charles Wesley

Thou man of grief remember me,
Thou never cans’t thyself forget.
Thy last expiring agony,
Thy fainting pangs and bloody sweat.

Oh, Come and morn with me awhile,
See John and Mary by his side.
Oh, look how patiently he hangs,
Jesus, our Lord is crucified.