play mp3 sample: Kumbaya

a cappella SATB – African American spiritual – arr. Peter Amidon

Note: $5 is the base price and gives you rights to print 5 copies of the sheetmusic.
Order multiples if you'll be printing more than 5 copies; i.e. order 2 for 10 copies.

      Kumbaya - take 2

50% of the fee goes to supporting Black musicians and music.

You get a pdf of the score and an mp3 recording of the arrangement, really just a simple harmonization.  “Kumbaya, Lord” (“Come by here, Lord”) has an interesting history and reputation.  I like going back to its roots: the Gullah culture off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia where it is an appeal to God to come help those in need.

Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya (3X)
Oh Lord, kumbaya.

Someones crying, Lord . . .

Someone’s singing, Lord . . .

Someone’s praying, Lord . . .