Sending You Light


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pdf/mp3 – a cappella SATB & piano SATB – by Melanie DeMore – arranged by Peter Amidon

Note: $5 is the base price and gives you rights to print 5 copies of the sheetmusic.
Order multiples if you'll be printing more than 5 copies; i.e. order 2 for 10 copies.

      Sending You Light - take 2 without piano

You get pdfs and mp3s of two arrangements: one a cappella SATB (as in the recording above) and one piano/SATB, which you can hear here:

Sending You Light piano/SATB

These arrangements are inspired by Melanie DeMore and Julie Wolf’s powerful, sublime performance in this Youtube:

Sending You Light – Melanie DeMore and Julie Wolf

Melanie DeMore is a songwriter, troubadour, and an emissary of tolerance, kindness, and harmony through music. This song has become a staple for Hallowell‘s hospice sings.  Hallowell is Southeastern Vermont’s hospice singing group – Peter is a founder/music co-Director of the group.

Note: The scores have the Melanie DeMore’s original three verses. The current recordings include only the first two verses.  Soon Peter will be replacing these recordings with recordings with all three verses.


Sending You Light
by Melanie DeMore

 I am sending you light to heal you, to hold you.
I am sending you light to hold you in love.

No matter where you go, no matter where you’ve been;
You’ll never walk alone. I feel you deep within.

No  matter what you feel, or what you choose to show;
I’m always there for you, and so I want you to know:

I walk the path with you; go slow dear one, don’t hurry.
I’ll go just like you need to go; there is no need to worry.