Songs from Amidon/Stearns Musicals

From 2001 – 2009 Peter Amidon collaborated with Stephen Stearns creating four original musicals for Brattleboro’s New England Youth Theater.  Stephen wrote the script and Peter composed all of the music and lyrics.  Here are a few of Peter’s original music and songs from those musicals.

from The Devil’s Three Golden Hairs

Peasant Mother’s Lament –  A young mother grieves having given her child away to (an evil king disguised as) a wealthy merchant.

from Truth

Wedding/William’s Love Song – The wedding procession.  Prince William sings a love song to Princess Katherine whom Prince William is about to abandon on the wedding altar.

William! – After William announces on the wedding altar that he cannot go through with the wedding his relatives and friends plead with him.

Katherine’s Lament – Katherine’s reflections after having been abandoned on the altar by her longtime love William.

Father, I Love Him – A daughter tells her father of her new love.

You! – A young woman accuses her sister of secretly stealing her new love.

Rufus’s Map Song – Rufus gives directions that he hopes will confuse a soldier.

Deadly Nightshade – Mixing a poison potion.


from The Blind King & the Sleeping Queen

Sleeping Queen’s Waltz – The “Sleeping Queen’s night-time waltz with Andrew when they first meet.

I Am Awake Now – Andrew awakens the “Sleeping Queen” from her trance.

Max & Isabella’s Lament – After King Max ordered his favorite son Andrew to be killed he and his Queen Isabella lament.

O My Sweetheart Lugistella – Lugistella convinces William to stay with her on the Isle of Buda rather than continuing his quest to find the cure for his father’s blindness.

Why’d You Leave Me Johnny? – a song on a medieval jukebox.

William Take the Bottle – William’s siblings try to explain to William why he should secretly replace Andrew’s bottle that has magic water with an identical bottle with just plain water.