About New England Dancing Masters

In 1991, when Vermonters Mary Cay Brass, Andy Davis and Peter & Mary Alice were all elementary school music teachers and traditional dance leaders and musicians, they pooled their wisdom, founded “New England Dancing Masters, and published the book and companion audio cassette tape “Chimes of Dunkirk – Great Dances for Children”.

By 1993, “Chimes” had become a staple for classroom dancing, used by hundreds of elementary school music teachers throughout the United States, often providing a foundation for their dance programs. “Chimes of Dunkirk” is in even more widespread use today, as are New England Dancing Masters’ subsequent books, CDs, DVDs and digital downloads that include traditional dances, singing games, and movement/music activities for young children.

1991: Peter Amidon, Mary Cay Brass, Mary Alice Amidon, Andy Davis

Will Doublestein is a gifted music teacher who has a deep understanding of our New England Dancing Masters philosophy of dancing with children; here he is talking about our collection “Alabama Gal”.


Mary Alice Amidon, Andy Davis, Mary Cay Brass, Peter Amidon