Atlantic City Nat’l AOSA Conference Post-Workshop Notes


Atlantic City National AOSA Conference
Peter & Mary Alice Amidon
Thursday, Nov. 3 – Saturday, Nov. 5, 2017
Atlantic City, NJ

Many thanks to Sue Mueller, Jennifer Donovan, Carrie Barnette, Brian Burnett, and many more people who make this extraordinary conference happen!

* First some info that might be of interest, then the post-workshop notes. (Scroll down for the post-workshop notes). *

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Here is a pdf of the handout About the Amidons that we are passing out in our workshops this weekend.

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Sign up on our email mailing list for approximately once-monthly notices about upcoming Amidon workshops and publications.  Just go to the Amidon website and sign up on the homepage:

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MEET OUR BOYS & their ladies:

Stefan and Zara singing with the Starry Mountain Singers. Zara singing lead on the left, Stefan singing bass on the right.

Stefan on percussion/vocals and his wife (red head) Zara Bode with their band the Sweetback Sisters

Stefan is currently touring with The Devil Makes Three

Sam storytelling/singing

Sam fiddling

Sam’s wife Beth Orton 

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 Go to your own local dances; they are fun, welcoming, aerobic, and it will make you a better dance teacher.

Here is a link to a web page that has links to contra dance web sites around the country

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This is the best place we know to get a small (smaller than the standard 120 bass) accordion like Mary Alice uses for your teaching: The Button Box.

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There are a lot of great wireless headset microphone systems.  This is the wireless headset system that Mary Alice and I have used for the last ten years:

Shure PGX1 transmitter (small device you hook onto your belt or pocket)
Shure WH20 headset microphone (worn on head – plugs into Shure transmitter)
Shure PGX4 receiver (small wireless receiver that plugs into your sound system)

You can call Shure directly at 847-600-2000.
We also use Musician’s Friend a lot; they have great phone customer support: 877-513-9720

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Classic Traditional Dances for Upper Elementary
Thursday 8:00 am, repeated at 9:45 am

Thursday Evening Community Dance
Thursday 9:00 pm

Singing Games, Dances & Music for grades K2
Friday 9:45 am, repeated 12:30 pm

Friday Evening Community Dance
Friday 8:30 pm

New and Original Dances for Upper Elementary
Saturday 10:30 am, repeated 3:15 pm