Flurry Festival Gospel Harmony Sing

Thanks to all of you who came to the Flurry Gospel Harmony sing today (Sunday, Feb 18, 2018).  You are wonderful spirit-filled singers; Mary Alice and I had a wonderful time.

Here are more details about all the songs we led.

Here is some shorthand I’ll use below:

55A – We have an arrangement of this song in “Fifty-five Anthems for the Small Church Choir” book
25A – We have an arrangement of this song in “Twenty-five Anthems for Interfaith & Community Choirs” book
OCS – We have an arrangement of this song in our “Online Choral Store


Mary Alice and I sing in Hallowell, an a cappella SATB hospice singing group.


So Glad I’m Here traditional spiritual
From the singing of Bessie Jones:
Here is a CD of Bessie Jones’ singing that you can order online or on iTunes:

Daniel in the Lion’s Dentraditional spiritual
From the singing of Bessie Jones

Little Sally Walker traditional singing game
Inspired by the singing of Bessie Jones
We include this in our singing games collection: “Rise Sally Rise“.

Go to Sleepytraditional lullaby
From the singing of Bessie Jones

My Heart is Ready by Cindy Kallet, arr. P & MA Amidon
(25A – OCS) –
A great instant 4-part harmony song for any group.

Climbing High Mountains collected by Lucy Picco Simpson
(25A – OCS) – Thank you, Lucy, for this gem!

O the Winter traditional Bahamas spiritual
(55A – OCS) –
 We learned this when it was part of the Washington DC Revels in 2006.

Let the Life I’ve Lived American spiritual from Joe Carter
(OCS) – thanks to Andy Davis for introducing this to us.

All Night All Day – traditional spiritual
Ysaye Barnwell’s perfect harmonization of this is on your handout. This is from Dr. Barnwell’s
Singing in the African American Tradition book & companion CDs – a great resource for any singer or chorus.

I Still Have Joyby Danny McCrimmon, Joseph Calvin Jackson
(55A – OCS) Listen to this version by Dorothy Norwood:

Crossing the Bar Rani Arbo’s setting of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem
(25A – OCS) Here is Rani’s beautiful original recorded version of the song:
Here is Jeff Warner’s version of the song:
and here Tony Barrand and I sing it at a Guilford (VT) Community Church (UCC) service:
and last of all, here is a UK college choir singing my SATB arrangement of the song:

Joy Shall Come in the Morning by Mary Alice Amidon
(25A – OCS) Mary Alice wrote this after hearing an interview with a minister just after the Virginia Tech shootings, when he quoted from Psalm 30: ” Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” Here it is sung by the Starry Mountain Singers:

I’m Gonna Lift My Sister Up– by Faya Rose Touré (AKA Rose Sanders)
(25A – OCS) Faya Rose Touré was the first African American female judge in Selma Alabama. She leads educational projects with teenagers in Selma Alabama about their Civil Rights history and writes songs with them.

What’s In a Song – by Lucy Picco Simpson
Here is a pdf of the melody: https://amidonmusic.com/images/WhatsInASong.pdf
and here is a pdf of an SATB harmonization I did with Mary Alice, Jesse Milnes and Emmy Miller:
that arrangement is from this Dec 31, 2016 performance of the song Mary Alice and I did with Emmy & Jesse:


Angels Hovering Roundcollected by Lucy Picco Simpson
(55A – OCSHere is Lucy singing “Angels”:

Bid You Goodnight traditional Bahamas spiritual
(55A – OCS)
I found out only recently that the Grateful Dead often finished their sets with this song:
Listen to Emmy Miller lead this song . . .

What a great festival is the Flurry!

Joy, Health, Love & Peace,

Peter (& Mary Alice)