Portland AOSA OAKE notes

Portland Oregon AOSA & OAKE
Amidons 2-day Workshop – Creating a Dynamic Learning Community with Traditional Song, Dance & Stortelling
Friday & Saturday, October 12 & 13, 2018
Columbia Valley Elementary School, Vancouver WA

Thanks to the many people who made this possible; particular thanks to Fauna Woolfe who has been our most friendly and helpful contact from the beginning.

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Workshop notes are up – see below!

Here is a little about Mary Alice and me and our family.

MEET OUR BOYS & their wives:

Stefan on percussion/vocals and his wife (red head) Zara Bode with their band the Sweetback Sisters

Zara singing with the By the People Choir.

Stefan is the touring percussionist for The Devil Makes Three

and Stefan is a wonderful singer (the tall bass)

Sam with the Australian Chamber Orchestra

Sam fiddling

Sam’s wife Beth Orton singing Leonard Cohen’s “Sisters of Mercy”

Here is an Ode to Mary Alice I made for her on the occasion of our 40th wedding anniversary last summer.

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Your homework is to GO DANCING.  Here is a website about where the contra dances and English country dances are in greater Portland.


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Friday workshop notes

Saturday workshop notes