Angels Hovering Round


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a cappella SATB – pdf and mp3s – traditional – arr. Peter Amidon

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Free download. You get a pdf of the score, an mp3 of the recording, and rehearsal mp3s for each of the vocal parts. This is in the Amidon’s book ‘Fifty-five Anthems for the Small Church Choir‘. Sung here by Mary Alice and Peter Amidon with Pete Sutherland singing bass on the Amidons’ ‘Hymns & Ballads‘ album. This is one of the many songs that Lucy Simpson gleaned from her collection of old hymnals and put back into circulation. The Hallowell hospice singers often end a hospice sing with this song.


Angels Hovering Round traditional

There are angels hovering round,
There are angels hovering round,
There are angels, angels hovering round.

To carry the tidings home,
To carry the tidings home,
To carry, carry the tidings home.

To the new Jerusalem…

Let all who hear them come…

We’re on our journey home…

There are angels hovering round…