Good Samaritan


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unison/piano – by Peter Amidon

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      Good Samaritan

Sung here by the Starry Mountain Singers. Peter composed this ballad/anthem for the Guilford (VT) Community Church Choir.  It works with both adult and children’s choirs or as a solo/piano piece. Here Peter Amidon sings it as a simple solo with guitar, which is how it was first composed.


Good Samaritan
by Peter Amidon

As I walked from Jerusalem to Jericho
Walking down a steep and lonely way,
Robbers they jumped out, knocked me all about
They stripped me and they left me where I lay,
Took my clothes and left me where I lay.

As I lay helpless bleeding in the blazing sun
I saw a priest “Oh, help me sir” I cried,
But he looked where I lay, and continued on his way,
But first crossed over to the other side,
Kept his distance on the other side.

Soon I saw a Levite come along the way
I hoped that he might see my sorry plight,
But he continued through, he had so much to do,
He crossed the road and soon was out of sight.
He left me there and soon was out of sight.

I thought my time was over when I heard a sound
“He’ll pass me by as well” was what I groaned
But no, a holy one, this good Samaritan,
He came to me and ministered my wounds,
Knelt down by me and ministered my wounds.

He was as gentle as a living man could be,
By bandaging my cuts he did begin,
And then the healing balm, poured wine and oil on,
Then took me on his donkey to an inn,
I was carried on his donkey to an inn.

He stayed with me one night and he took care of me,
And had to leave me on the second day
But when he left to go, paid two denari more,
And said if more was needed he would pay,
When he returned, if needed, he would pay.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul
Love your God with all your strength and mind,
Love your neighbor as yourself, and always stop to help,
And think of the the Samaritan so kind,
Remember the Samaritan so kind.