Hymns and Ballads


Hymns & Ballads is an album of the Amidons’ favorites (shape note hymns, gospel from both black and white singing traditions, American and English ballads, and poems set to music by Mary Alice) in a variety of settings:


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Peter and Mary Alice’s distinctively strong duo harmonies; the Amidon quartet that now includes Sam’s tenor that is a cross between Dock Boggs and Mike Waterson and Stefan’s profoundly deep bass; the Amidon/Armstrong Septet where the Amidon four are joined by the extraordinary singing family of Jennifer Armstrong and her two daughters Suzannah and Georgia Rose; and one Sydney Carter gem where Peter and Mary Alice are joined by Margaret Dale and Tony Barrand.

“It is wonderful, inspiring, moving, something I will doubtless listen to over and over again.”

“I think it’s your best so far.”

  1. Lord Build Me a Cabin
    A. O. Parris
  2. Great Trees
    Wendell Berry/Mary Alice Amidon
  3. Chilly Winds
  4. Foggy Dew
  5. Banks of Pontchartrain
  6. You Can’t Hurry God
    Dorothy Love Coates
  7. Time Has Made a Change
    Harkins Freye
  8. Lady Diamond
  9. One Morning in May
  10. I Come Like a Beggar
    Sydney Carter
  11. I’ll die No More For Bread
    Revivalist Hymnbook
  12. Amazing Grace
    John Newton
  13. By the Waters of Babylon
    B. dove & T. McNaughton
  14. I Still Have Joy
  15. Song of the Angels
    William Knapp
  16. White
    Edmund Dumas
  17. Your Long Journey
    Rosa Lee & doc Watson
  18. Will You Miss Me
  19. If You’re Ever Going to Love Me
    traditional/Mary Alice Amidon
  20. Parting Glass
  21. Bid You Goodnight
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