I’m Lucky There’s a Sun


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pdfs/mp3 – piano/solo or unison – by Nancy Cassidy, arranged by Peter Amidon

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You get pdfs of the piano-vocal score and vocal-only score, and an mp3 of a recording of the arrangement. It is sung here by Emma Schneider, Louisa Sullivan Hungate, and Peter, with Peter also on piano. Peter learned Nancy Cassidy’s “I’m Lucky There’s a Sun” from Eric Maring when Eric included it in New England Dancing Masters’ collection of music/movement activities for very young children: Two Little Blackbirds. (Peter is one of the editors of the collection.) Nancy says that she was inspired to write the song when her son came out of the pool and was freezing and stretched out his arms and said, “I’m lucky there’s a sun!” Peter and Mary Alice sing the song around their house a lot with their grandchildren.


I’m Lucky There’s a Sun
by Nancy Cassidy © Twitter Twatter Music

I’m lucky there’s a sun, I’m lucky there are stars,
I’m lucky there’s a moon and a sky.
And when I go to bed, lay down my sleepy head,
I’m lucky there’s you and I.

I’m glad the rains fall, the winds blow,
The oceans roll and roll;
I’m glad the flowers bloom, the birds sing,
As the earth spins round and round.

I’m glad the children play in their own way,
And people love and grow,
I’m glad the mountains rise to touch the skies
As the night turns towards the light.