Kisses Sweeter Than Wine


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a cappella SATB – words and music by Ronnie Gilbert, Lee Hays, Huddie Ledbetter, Fred Hellerman, Pete Seeger – arr. Peter Amidon.

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      Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

You get pdf of the score, mp3 of the recording, and rehearsal track mp3s of each of the vocal parts. The great folk/blues musician Huddie Ledbetter (“Lead Belly”) had adapted a song he’d learned from an Irish singer into his own version of the song.  The Weavers had learned their very successful”Goodnight Irene” from Lead Belly so they turned to him for another song.  He sang to them his version of the Irish song he’d learned, and the Weavers transformed that into this song “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine”.