Nowell Sing We Clear: Songs and Carols for Midwinter and Christmastide


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Community Music and Dance (“CMD”) is: Peter and Mary Alice Amidon, Andy Davis and Mary Cay Brass. CMD has for many years published New England Dancing Masters books, recordings, and videos. Their newest project, Nowell Sing We Clear: Songs and Carols for Midwinter and Christmastide, honors the work of another Brattleboro based group of traditional musicians – Nowell Sing We Clear – Tony Barrand, John Roberts, Fred Breunig, and CMD’s Andy Davis. For 40 years, this quartet toured the Northeast bringing its unique look at the ancient customs of the Christmas and Midwinter. The Nowell quartet is proud to make this 248-page compendium of the band’s repertoire available to the loyal fans of Nowell, a new generation of performers, church choirs, community choruses, and, well, everyone who loves to sing midwinter and Christmas carols.

Whether you are having a caroling party, a pub sing, an upcoming holiday tour – or you can’t quite remember all the words of Kris Kringle, the Cutty Wren or Over the Hill and Over the Dale – you will find this a most useful, joyous and classic collection. Wire-bound makes it easy to put on a music stand, minimal page turns (the editors are musicians, too), chord symbols, harmony parts and loads of background information on the history and the sources of these timeless carols and traditions.

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