Solstice Song


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pdfs/mp3/rehearsal mp3s – SATB/piano – words & music by Alouette Iselin – arr. Peter Amidon

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      Solstice Song - Peter & Mary Alice Amidon

You get pdfs of the piano/SATB score and the vocal score, an mp3 of the recording, and rehearsal track mp3s of each of the four vocal parts. In the Amidons’ ‘‘Twenty-five Anthems for Interfaith & Community Choirs. Alouette Iselin, who penned this beautiful song, lives across river from us in New Hampshire. The recording you hear here is from a live concert by the Starry Mountain Singers

      Mary Alice and I sing this with piano/banjo - The Amidons
on our “I’ll Never Forget” CD. Here it is sung by the Ensemble Vocal Milanese from Milan, Italy, with Peter Amidon’s piano accompaniment and director Carlos Pozzoli’s vocal harmonies. Carlos was a frequent collaborator with Larry Gordon and Village Harmony. Here is the story behind the Solstice Song.


Solstice Song 
by Alouette Iselin

Let me come in and share your light,
For I’m without a friend tonight,
Let me come in and share your light,
And a warm place by your fire.

It looks so golden warm within,
Sheltered from the winter wind,
Songs and laughter, friends and kin
Have brought me to your door.

Open your door, for here I stand,
My only gift is my empty hand,
And empty heart and broken plans,
This dark day of the year.

I am without a home today,
And soon I will be on my way,
I only ask you to let me stay,
For an hour by your fire.