Take Me To the Water


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SATB/piano – African American spiritual – arr. Peter Amidon

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      Take Me to the Water

50% of the fee goes to supporting Black musicians and music.

You get a pdf of the score, mp3 of the recording, a piano-only mp3, and rehearsal mp3s of each of the vocal parts. Performed here by the Starry Mountain Singers, Zara Bode soloist (right after the piano comes in). The the arrangement of the first two verses was inspired by a church choir’s performance of the song; the arrangement on the second page is inspired by Nina Simone’s performance of the song.


Take Me To the Water
African American spiritual

Take me to the water,
Take me to the water,
Take me to the water,
To be baptized.

I love Jesus . . .Yes, I do . . .

Glory Hallelujah . . .
To be baptised.