Wiston Harmony Week 2016

Dear Wiston Harmony Week Singers,

Mary Alice and I do a lot of workshops with elementary school music teachers and I always put up a post-workshop page with notes on what we did; I thought I would do the same thing for the songs (& poems) we did at Wiston Harmony 2016.

Thanks and kudos to Ali, Kate, Lyssa and Wendy-of-Wiston for creating and managing such a wonderful and smooth-running week, and to Kathy, Kate and Ali for being such inspired, inspiring colleagues.

Here below are links to three pages with more information on our songs and poems:

Amidon Big Group Songs

Amidon 3:00 – 4:30 Session Songs


and our staff song was my arrangement of Taking a Chance on Love” – I have not yet got permission to publish this arrangement.  Here is a Finale playback of the arrangement:


Mary Alice and I had SUCH a wonderful time at Wiston.

Joy, Health, Love & Peace to All,

Peter & Mary Alice
amidonpeter@gmail.com • maryaliceamidon@gmail.com