Land on the Shore


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pdf, mp3, – piano/SATB – traditional American, arr. Peter Amidon

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      Land on the Shore

You get a download of pdfs of both an a cappella SATB and a piano/SATB arrangement.  Peter wrote the vocal harmonies and transcribed the piano accompaniment from Keith Murphy’s playing when Peter and Mary Alice performed it with their son Stefan Amidon and his wife Zara Bode New Years Eve Land on the Shore.  Peter learned this version of “Land on the Shore” from Jefferson Hamer who learned it from Paddy Tutty who learned it from John Henderson and Pippa Hall who learned it from Larry Gordon who may or may not have learned it from the Buna Hicks recording. Here is the story behind Land on the Shore.

Fathers now our meeting is over,
Fathers we must part,
And if I never see you anymore,
I’ll love you in my heart.

Yes we’ll land on the shore,
Yes we’ll land on the shore,
Yes we’ll land on the shore,
And be saved forever more.

Mothers…Sisters….Brothers….Dear Friends