May the Road Rise Up


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piano/SATB – by Wendy Stewart – arr. Peter Amidon

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      May The Road Rise - Amidon Choral Arrangements

Free Download – you get a pdf of the score; an mp3 of the performance; a piano-only mp3; and soprano, alto, tenor, and bass rehearsal mp3s. Wendy Stewart is a gifted harper, singer and music educator with a deep grounding in the traditional music of her native Scotland. You can perform it as is, or perform it just piano/solo (or, of course, a cappella solo), or just a cappella SATB. We encourage you also to sing it with improvised vocal harmonies, or with your own accompaniment with harp, guitar, concertina, accordion, piano, etc.  You can hear Wendy’s exquisite harp version of the song on her new album Folds in the Fields.  Wendy has another song in this Amidon Online Choral Store: Waltzing Through Time . Wendy’s recordings are a staple of Mary Alice’s and Peter’s listening repertoire.

Wendy Stewart writes: “The tune for ‘May the Road Rise Up to Meet You’ was written on a long bus journey in Iceland when I was longing to be home.  I realised the rhythm of the melody fitted the old Irish blessing and added a second half reflecting how important having a home is to all of us in these times.”

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon you in the morning.
And when the way is rough and hard, bruising soul, breaking heart,
Home will be there to fold you to her, come the evening.