Waltzing Through Time


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piano/SATB – by Wendy Stewart – arr. Peter Amidon

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Free download. You get pdfs of the vocal-only and piano/SATB scores and an mp3 of the recording. Wendy Stewart is a leading Scottish harper, a world class performer and inspirational teacher. Wendy writes: “Waltzing Through Time” was written for my first grandson, Idris DeMeulenaere James, whose mother Shelby DeMeulenaere comes from Baton Rouge, Louisiana – hence the Cajun influence. My hope is that I can be there to see him become whatever he wants to be.”  Wendy composed another song in this Amidon Choral Music Download Library/Store: “May the Road Rise Up“.  The recording is a virtual choir project sponsored by the Country Dance & Song Society edited and produced by Peter Amidon.

Waltzing Through Time
by Wendy Stewart

You can be a bird that soars on the wing
Or the one that quietly sings in the night,
A star shining bright,
And I will always try to be there for you,
Be the one that follows you through this old world,
As each new day unfurls.

So follow your dreams, follow your heart,
Right from the start, whatever life brings,
And I’ll be your friend right to the end,
Waltzing through time, come rain or come shine.

 Life can sometimes bring its sorrow and pain,
But it will bring you friends that remain,
Right or wrong, to keep your soul strong.
And if I can I will be there by your side,
Watching every step that you take
With a pride and a love I can’t hide.